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Welcome! Tell the TechSoup community who & where you are, your connection to nonprofits, NGOs, libraries, schools, other community-focused, cause-based programs, & why you're here!

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TechSoup Technology Wish List

What would you like to see in the TechSoup Nonprofit Tech Marketplace? What software, hardware (devices), online tools or other tech might make your work easier and/or more impactful?



Share how your nonprofit, NGO, library or other community program or cause is dealing with COVID-19. Share questions, advice, needs, challenges and resources here.


Databases and Software

Discuss apps, databases, CRM, operating systems, free & open source (FOSS), other software that help engage with & track supporters, donors, volunteers, clients & projects.


Design and Web Building

Strategies and advice on all aspects of building a Web presence for mission-based orgs, including Web design, SEO, analytics, hosting, and functionality. Includes discussions of accessibility and usability.


Digital Engagement

Discuss engaging online with stakeholders, via email, social media, wikis, live video or any online community tools. Discuss virtual volunteering, virtual worlds, e-learning, online fundraising, online activism, digital inclusion & online culture.


Digital Transformation

Find the solutions, scenarios, and resources you need to get started with digital transformation for your organization.


Hardware, Servers & Networks

Discuss tech & telecommunications physical components: desktop & laptop computers, tablets, smartphone, screens, servers, printers, & recycled devices. Also networks & commu systems, e.g. POTS, SIP, PBX, phones, etc.


Tech Addressing Food Insecurity

How can technology improve food stability in our communities? Share and discuss your experiences, questions and advice on using computer and networked tech in addressing food insecurity here.


Tech in Disasters

Discuss how computer and networked-tech can help prevent or mitigate problems arising from disasters - fire, earthquake, floods, storms or other severe weather, catastrophic power or structural failures, or violent conflict.


Tech Jobs & Volunteering at Nonprofits & Libraries

Post employment & volunteer opportunities, share strategies for working in mission-based environments regarding networked tech/ICTs, offer advice & ask questions about tech/IT careers & volunteering at nonprofits, etc.


Tech Planning, Policies & Ethics

How do you prepare for a new computer system, new software or a complete change in the IT tools you use? What policies & ethical considerations are needed regarding tech development or use? Discuss these & related ideas here.


Tech4Good: Tech Making a Difference

Discuss resources & ideas for applying apps & online tools to activities supporting causes that help humans & the environment. Discuss hackathons, apps4good, community tech centers, ICT4D, tech in society, tech ethics, etc.


TechSoup Site Improvements

Problem with the TechSoup community forum? Notice something buggy? Post any bugs you're finding and we will work to squash them. Suggestions for site improvements are also welcomed!


TechSoup Town Hall

The virtual water cooler! Discuss and announce emerging technologies and innovations that don’t fit elsewhere in our forum categories. How will these affect nonprofits, NGOs, and others?


Security, Privacy & Safety

Discuss keeping people & devices safe. How to keep devices and data secure and virus-free, what to do when a device or system becomes infected. Discussions cover specific tech as well as policies, training & ethics.


Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.