Community Community7.x ProductionForum Post: We are Ocean Enabled. We take disabled kids out on the ocean, 07 May 2021 21:19:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:324f0bb9-171a-4738-9e23-918356ddd12bOcean-Enabled They deserve to have the same magical experiences of coming face to face with sea lions, seals, dolphins and even whales! Nice to meet you! How we got started These two! Cindy Brooks and Sophia Robins Sophia was born disabled with Cerebral Palsy. He Aunt Cindy dedicated her life to Sophia and frequently bring Sophia to the boat for a day of ocean festivities. Out on the boat, on the bow and in heavy seas is the only time I saw Sophia holding her head up. She was yelling “Faster faster! With a grin as wide as her face it seemed. Cindy recently lost her battle with cancer. The last time I saw her was only a few hours before she passed. I could talk to her and she could hear me but she couldn't respond . She could cry and smile but that was it. I told her she wasn't going anywhere and I was keeping her here with me and SophiaI promised Cindy I would continue to take Sophie out on the ocean still.. The reactions of other kids with special challenges to Sea Life when we took one of Sophie's friends gave me a purpose finally and boy is it fun! Now, we are going to keep it up with a little help. That's why we're here.   So, if you know any land locked kids with challenges..... We want them! Mark Jensen. 915-491-5548 Our site oeean-enabled is not yet built. For now we use : (Please visit the site to view this video) Forum Post: RE: Do you offer Dragon Home 15 or a version of it?, 07 May 2021 18:28:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:a6402b69-d836-4d97-9bdc-540ff37128a0gaylesam And if you are seeking a solid transcription solution, also be sure to review our discounted offer by  You can learn more at too Thanks for writing Gayle Forum Post: RE: Do you offer Dragon Home 15 or a version of it?, 07 May 2021 18:20:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:009a5373-029b-4ae3-899d-74d8dad4d9fastephanie_kleiner Hi, Feel free to also take a look at our JourneyEd offer . Nuance's Dragon Solutions are available in JourneyEd’s catalog and TechSoup members get a special access to it. I am not sure about the specifications of the Dragon product JourneyEd is offering and whether or not it supports HIPAA compliance, but feel free to review the solution on JourneyEd’s catalog. Please let me know if you have any questions. Best regards, Stephanie Forum Post: Inside the all-hands meeting that led to a third of Basecamp employees quitting, 06 May 2021 23:41:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:dd14f9fb-2507-41ea-a64e-c5a02d55ed4djcravens42 Founders at Coinbase, Basecamp, and other companies have sought to quash internal dissent that, in their view, distracts workers from the company mission and makes everyone miserable. As much as the conversation about Basecamp’s moves has been framed as “politics,” it seems important to remember that the entire affair began when a third of the company — not all of whom are among the 20 who have departed so far, by the way — volunteered to help the company become more diverse and equitable. Inside the all-hands meeting that led to a third of Basecamp employees quitting From The Verge. This account is based on interviews with six Basecamp employees who were present at the meeting, along with a partial transcript created by employees. Collectively, they describe a company whose attempt to tamp down on difficult conversations blew up in its face as employees rejected the notion that discussions of power and justice should remain off limits in the workplace. And they suggest that efforts to eliminate disruptions in the workplace by regulating internal speech may cause even more turmoil for a company in the long run. “The fact that you can be a white male, and come to this meeting and call people racist and say ‘white supremacy doesn’t exist’ when it’s blatant at this company is white privilege,” an employee said. “The fact that he wasn’t corrected and was in fact thanked — it makes me sick.” Forum Post: RE: Discounted Lenovo Product, 06 May 2021 22:22:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:ccad867b-0807-417f-a73a-0303daa9756eSportcenter2 Hi KEN_MONTENEGRO , Thank you for your message! Since you are an agent on the account, I have forward the fulfillment email for Lenovo that your organization previously requested. Please check your inbox and spam folder and let us know if you have any other questions.  Jose Account Management Specialist, TechSoup Forum Post: Tweet Chat: Digital Transformation During COVID-19, 06 May 2021 21:50:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:182bea3e-2e5a-4009-91fb-83d090639e2esteven_davidson We're hosting a live #TweetChat on Twitter and would like to invite charities, foundations, civil society organizations, and nonprofits that have gone through a digital transformation due to the pandemic. Join us on Twitter on Wednesday, May 12th at 10am Pacific Time.   Below are the questions we'll be discussing with our community: Q1 - When did your organization feel the need to search for new tech tools? Q2 - How did your organization find the tech tools and apps that helped you pivot online during the pandemic? Q3 - How are your communities and members responding to the increased need for tech? Q4 - Which resources, webinars, guides, or support systems helped your organization the most during the pandemic? Q5 - How has the pandemic impacted your organization’s technology decisions going forward? Have priorities changed? Here’s how you can participate in our Tweet Chat: Go to twitter on Wednesday, May 12th at 10am Pacific Time Respond to the questions posted by the  @TechSoup account  with comments or quote retweets Tweet using the hashtag #TechSoupChat Engage with other participants Have fun! We hope to see you there, on  Twitter !  Forum Post: How do you manage low-income verification records?, 06 May 2021 21:39:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:d199fa6f-2709-45b7-ac26-f378774f2877CareKiai Do you use Salesforce? A spreadsheet? Task reminders? There are innumerable ways to manage information. Wondering if anyone has a set-up for yearly verification of income that is secure and easy-to-manage. Any tips on automation help! Thanks. Forum Post: Discounted Lenovo Product, 06 May 2021 21:34:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:b648991b-da69-4025-9621-6c1c84fcc59dken_montenegro When I attempt to check-out with this product, it says someone else at my organization has already purchased it. How do I reassign that access or at least find out who has it? Thanks. Forum Post: RE: Do you offer Dragon Home 15 or a version of it?, 06 May 2021 21:30:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:022616e7-14c1-4209-b6b7-65f673055cdeElMora Not HIPAA compliant.   :( Forum Post: Grant Management Software Comparison - from Granter's point of view, 06 May 2021 19:19:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:664c4b73-19c2-46fc-ae8e-43cf7e7a3fbbjcravens42 I'm volunteering with a nonprofit that will be responsible for distributing 25 to 50 small grants each year - $500 to $2000 each. The nonprofit needs to keep track of applicants every year for these grants - how much they are asking for, grading by members of the board regarding their application, if grantees fulfilled the grant terms, etc. We would like grants management software, to manage all of the applications as well as the performance of the grantees.   I found this comparison of software, but I would really like to hear from actual users of such software. Groups that give grants to arts organizations would be great to hear from.   The software listed on the site: Submittable Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT WizeHive Grant Lifecycle Manager SmarterSelect Fluxx Grantmaker Optimy SmartSimple Amplify for Grantmakers MemberClicks SurveyMonkey Apply GrantHub OpenWater Evalato YourCause (formerly known as Good Done Great) ZoomGrants ExceedFurther Electronic Form Solutions proposalCENTRAL Sumac Forum Post: Participatory Citiies, 06 May 2021 18:14:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:b0c6ac28-6452-4428-a868-70c719572defpetercheer 'Smart Cities' is one of the phrases used by techno utopians without any agreement on what it really means. To my mind 'smart cities', along with anything else it might mean smart cities have to enable the participation and engagement of their citizens. Around the world different cities have been experimenting in how to do this with open source digital platforms. One of those cities, which has been widely emulated is Madrid. In 'Building an open infrastructure for civic participation,.What the deployment of Decide Madrid can teach us on creating a participatory culture to effectively engage with citizens' ( )  Daniel Curto-Millet looks at some of the lessons learned. Forum Post: How Ugandans used VPNs to beat a social media tax, 06 May 2021 16:42:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:dc806d98-b827-4234-9247-b98c7629c2a5jcravens42 VPNs first became popular in Uganda among local journalists and political activists during the 2016 national elections, when Twitter and Facebook were temporarily blocked . But VPN use really went mainstream in 2018, after the government introduced the social media tax. Ugandans have been willing to tolerate the pop-up ads — which even appear in private chats — that come with free VPNs like  VPN Master  and  Thunder VPN  so they can avoid paying the government’s “Over the Top (OTT)” tax, better known as social media tax.  Thanks to VPNs users have found a way around the social media tax. That’s why, on April 29, the government  replaced the social media  tax with a  12% excise duty on internet data  that will likely hike the cost of internet access in the landlocked country that already has some of the highest  internet costs  in the region.  More from Rest of the World . Forum Post: Experiencing more harassment working remotely during the pandemic, 06 May 2021 16:08:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:f7071b03-db0d-42a9-ba0f-b615e35616b0jcravens42 Tech workers say they have experienced more harassment based on gender, age and race or ethnicity while working remotely during the pandemic, according to a survey from a nonprofit group that advocates for diversity in Silicon Valley. The increases were highest among women, transgender and nonbinary people, and Asian, Black, Latinx and Indigenous people. Harassment, in the survey's definition, includes behavior such as yelling, uncomfortable or repeated questions about identity and appearance, and requests for dates or sex. Workers surveyed also reported increases in workplace hostility, defined as behavior that is less abusive than harassment and may not break company rules, but still creates a harmful environment. "There's the assumption that once everybody went separately and you were protected in your own home, that you wouldn't see the same level of harassment," said Ellen Peo, founder of Project Include. "It turned out that actually wasn't the case." Pao said the survey responses suggested that some of the increase in harassment and hostility may be the result of people working longer hours, the blurring of boundaries between work and home life, and more conversations where other office mates aren't present as witnesses. It would be interesting to survey nonprofit workers and see what they say. It's also a good time to revisit your harassment policies.  More from NPR: Forum Post: X4Impact "a free market intelligence platform for social innovation", 06 May 2021 16:03:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:54bb8ada-f3e0-4d33-add1-885af8fb62d7jcravens42 The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is now a "Founding Partner" of X4Impact , which touts itself as "a free market intelligence platform for social innovation". This partnership includes $250,000 in funding "to ensure equitable access to data and a gathering place for all US nonprofit organizations and tech for good solutions to more efficiently and effectively solve for good." Funding support enables X4Impact to scale to feature 1,000 social enterprises and tech for good companies to gain visibility in the social impact market in the US. In the process, X4Impact is creating the largest marketplace of tech for good products and services, searchable by social impact area, UN SDG, leadership diversity, and other factors such as market traction. From the official announcement & web site: “Our foundation was birthed from the good fortune and great vision of tech entrepreneurs. This past year has taught us all a lot about system change, and it is time that we create the infrastructure and resources to support making the kinds of solutions technology enables available to address our most complex social problems,” said Larry Kramer, President, Hewlett Foundation. “The Hewlett Foundation is proud to join X4Impact as a Founding Partner to help make these matches.” With over 200 million data points from trusted sources, organized under the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework, X4Impact offers insights to create and scale technology for the public interest (Tech4PI). Users can access unique social challenges, ideas, tech for good solutions, $2.8 trillion in US social sector money flow, and millions of data-rich articles to inform research and best practices. On X4Impact you can gather insights into funding opportunities, access grants, and innovation awards and utilize a safe search with over 30 million nuggets of aggregated knowledge from trusted sources to support understanding of the gaps and opportunities for social problem-solving. You can also explore social challenges, ideas, and social tech solutions, publish with a private wiki experience to enable academia, nonprofits, and subject matter experts to refine and validate the systemic nature of challenges and emerging ideas. To be honest, I've read the web site and I still don't really know what X4Impact does. Anyone want to take a crack at saying how this initiative could be used by a small nonprofit historical society, a community theater, a rural animal shelter, a nonprofit dance company, etc.? Forum Post: RE: Seeking a database consultant who is well-versed in DonorPerfect, 06 May 2021 14:26:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:f1eddc55-c0b5-4651-8f18-4c13f7c4306fddonalds Interested in your offer Forum Post: RE: Case management software for nonprofit, 06 May 2021 08:47:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:799f81d9-7038-48b2-a3fb-046df0be1775mengwee The process of case management involves a lot of information collection. Case managers are often working with dozens of clients and collecting data on hundreds of data points. It’s hard to keep track of this information without the help of a reliable software tool. Having all of your client information in one place makes it easy to visualize the data, create reports, and leverage the information you collect. Another major benefit of case management software is that client progress and other metrics can be easily tracked and displayed using various report types. This gives managers and other senior employees an overview of how the agency is performing and helps to pinpoint where and how operations can be made more efficient. Forum Post: RE: Volume Licensing Service Center, 03 May 2021 22:07:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:17eea005-864c-4f13-b39a-934fb62e7c31Sportcenter2 Hi CSD_DOB , Thank you for your message! No need to create a new account. The request was fulfilled yesterday and the license and authorization numbers are not ready. I will send you an email tomorrow with that information. The license usually take 2-3 business days to be created in the system. Please let me know if you have any other questions.  Jose Account Management Specialist, TechSoup Forum Post: Volume Licensing Service Center, 03 May 2021 15:43:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:72acb381-b4f5-4c4b-968a-d64604f1fa77CSD_DOB I purchased 10 Windows 10 Pro Licenses. I already have an existing Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center account with the same email address as for my techsoup organization account.  When I log into my Microsoft account  I am not seeing the codes.   Do I need to create a new Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center account? What am I missing? Forum Post: RE: Grant Station Request, 03 May 2021 15:00:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:bbf58dc2-99ad-472d-bd9e-fbe789593319Sportcenter2 Hi RMHFW , Thank you for your message! Within 10 business days of your fulfillment, you should have received an email from GrantStation directly. Since you did not, please reach out to them directly for support with the login. Please let us know if you have any other questions.  GrantStation - 877-784-7268 Jose Account Management Specialist, TechSoup Forum Post: virtual Digital Trust Summit June 15-17, 30 Apr 2021 18:45:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:cd7677c7-fc60-439c-b7b4-a492193dce9bjcravens42 The virtual Digital Trust Summit will convene global Digital Trust leaders, changemakers, students, faculty and technologists to learn about and collaborate around the latest DT projects and programs, connect directly with learners and educators, and advance a collective agenda towards cultivating Digital Trust in our education and education-to-workforce systems. Online from June 15-17: a series of interactive breakouts, inspiring presentations and community-building activities to shape the future of Digital Trust. An industry-spanning term, Digital Trust centers on the confidence, flexibility and empowerment in the relationships between individuals and organizations when it comes to their data. Digital Trust encompasses everything from cybersecurity to technology enablers like blockchain, digital hyperledger and identity & access management. Paramount across this rapidly growing field is fostering of communities of practice and education that prioritize ethics and individual agency. In education, learner voice must be considered in every facet of building an institution’s digital infrastructure. Topics in Digital Trust Exploring digital trust ideas, projects and initiatives that address privacy and privacy by design, learner agency, transparency, and governance, compliance and regulation. Future of Trust-Based Careers Engaging with learners and employers around the next-generation of the DT workforce, including emerging skill sets, markets, and job opportunities. Partner to Protect Best practices and emerging themes in cybersecurity, including equity & inclusion and threat intelligence. Community Engagement: Networks of action and design Communities of practice and networks of action centered around digital trust, distributed technologies, learner agency and information security. Emergent Technology Enablers: New designs to engage learners Demonstrations and discussion on identity and learner empowerment technologies, as well as distributed ledger technologies, that increase agency, transparency and individual power in the learning and development space. Hosted by the Arizona State University Technology Office