Is your performing arts nonprofit - dance, theater/theatre, music, etc. - producing online works in this time of the global pandemic, to keep audiences engaged? What tools are you using? What kind of tech support do you have to give to performers to make this happen?

This story from Dance Magazine discusses how various dance companies have produced online works. Excerpts:

"Working remotely from London, Corey Baker, the film's creator, sent Kapitonova an Amazon shipment of 100 candles, which was stolen from her building's doorstep; the bathtub was lent to her by a local business and placed for the day in Kapitonova's living room; and the tripod meant to capture the traveling shots didn't work, leaving Kapitonova's husband to tape her iPhone to a children's scooter and slowly push it toward her to create the intended effect. This type of behind-the-scenes maneuvering has become par for the course over the past year, as choreographers have struggled to transfer their flesh-and-blood skill sets to the internet. When the pandemic shut down most companies in March, dance artists of all stripes were hungry to jump back into the creative process. And while some found ways to work around social-distancing protocols by filming outside or in quarantined pods, others, like Baker, took on the challenge of choreographing and directing completely remotely..."

"Working remotely requires choreographers to also take on the hats of director and editor. After rehearsals on FaceTime or Zoom, they need to create elaborate shot lists...  Performers were especially nervous when their phones got too close to their filled tubs..."

"Despite the maze of logistics this medium requires, the biggest challenge is musicality. "The internet creates a lag that can be infuriating when working on specific counts," says Lopez Ochoa. "I've learned that it's not as unmusical as it feels; the dancers are just hearing it two seconds later..."

Note that there are other threads here on TechSoup about other arts groups pivoting during the global pandemic. You can find them by searching for words like dance or theater or choir and sorting the results by date. We would love to hear YOUR story!

Is your performing arts organization delivering programming online because of COVID-19? Is this a new program or an extension of something you are already doing? How is the programming staffed? What tech tools are you using?

For instance, Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Seniors programs in Canada are designed to engage older adults in meaningful dance activities. The program has seated and standing online courses available.

Through its artistry and physicality, dance supports overall physical, emotional and social wellbeing. Regular dancing also helps develop skills and confidence, while enriching your day-to-day life through creative expression.

Classes are taught by professional dance teachers from Canada’s National Ballet School, are accompanied by a live musician, and include a variety of movement options. The six-week pilot will include the release of one dance class about 20 minutes in length, each week, and content will develop physically and artistically from one class to the next. Classes are released weekly and available on demand at your convenience. No dance experience required!

More information: