This was posted on the subreddit for volunteer firefighting, and I thought it was fascinating:

We are a mountain volunteer department where we respond to incidents from home. We don’t do shifts. With limited cellular service in most areas I was long against tools that showed I am responding thinking “wait 5 minutes and all who are coming will be on radio at station … no need to take time for some system.”

That is still true, but I’ve changed my thinking somewhat, in the main because we now have a full-time Chief who is at station. Knowing who is coming (5 minutes sooner) allows assignment planning, evaluation for mutual aid, and more (based on who is “In”.) Providing incident command (Chief or most senior officer) this information is helpful.

We created our own ‘Who Is Responding?’ do-it-yourself (at no cost) using GroupMe - a group text messaging app. This approach seems it could be useful for other volunteer fire departments.

That's awesome to hear! i love how it all works!