The Telecentre Women Facebook page alerted me to this: young women are the most eager adopters of web 2.0 & social media in Africa. It was originally shared via web2fordev. Read about it here :

This is not at all surprising to me - I find women in developing countries to be the most enthusiastic about using cell phones and social media, to access information and interactions that the offline world denies them (because of economics, culture/tradition, unstable environments, etc.). 

Your thoughts?

Jayne forgive me for being a hardened old cynic but this story is based on a sample 510 trainees from more than twenty countries. A small sample that  was not randomly selected.

The claims that the story makes may well be true, like you this matches some of my annecdotal experience. However, the headline that they give it  'In Africa, young women are the most eager adopters of web2.0 and social media; a study by CTA reveals' is somewhat overstating the case.

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has unveiled a bespoke Windows-run smartphone exclusively available in Africa

"Our aim is to be the most affordable Windows phone in Africa," Gustavo Fuchs, director of Microsoft Windows Phone division in the Middle East & Africa, told the BBC.

This BBC story is short on detail and reads like a manufacturers press release but it looks like one to watch