If you want your nonprofit, NGO, library, other cause-based program wants to succeed with digital tools, it’s vital to build trust with staff and volunteers, to get them on board, for them to feel confident in making the change and using the tools.

NCVO (The National Council for Voluntary Organisations) in England has an excellent list of suggestions for tackling barriers to digital change for staff and volunteers.

IMO, this is a subject that gets ignored all too often when switching video conferencing platforms, when introducing a client management database, etc. 

My favorite piece of advice: 

Start with a practical understanding of people's roles - what they do, how they do it, why they do it, and what frustrates them. This will help you make sure any new digital tools or processes will add value to people's jobs. It will help them trust that you've thought about this.

With me, I don't like when a tech change is announced - I'm supposed to use a new platform for such-and-such function instead of what I have been using - without a clear explanation as to why, and a staff member ready to help with my questions. You?  


Couldn't agree more. When I would volunteer or even for my job when switching technology nothing is better than getting a rundown on how it works and what errors you could potentially encounter. When the goals are understood and the technology isn't an issue, everything can run more effectively.