Hi, I am Bill.  I am a member of a smallish church in CT, which lost it's treasurer and back-up treasurer/mentor rather suddenly.  I am not fully qualified to perform theseduties, but I am doing my best.

In the terms of service we are requested to be detailed so here goes;

I am looking for a very simple, inexpensive, if not free remote desktop application. 

When I agreed to take on this task the first thing I persuaded the board of trustees to do was to engage with a bookkeeping firm to take over our payroll, which consists of  only four part-time employees.  That freed me and future treasurers up from bimonthly paychecks, quarterly 291 forms and yearly W-2's, etc. 

Now what I want to do is get a remote desktop protocol program so I or an assistant and another back-up can work from home. We have one desktop computer located in its own little office space and use Quick Books Desktop Premier for Non-profits. All we need is to be able to access the computer at church, to get into QuickBooks for purposes of accessing reports, performing transfers, making general journal entries, etc.  Like I said - no payroll.

Because of Covid restrictions and especially out of concern for our older members we have still not resumed in-person worship and have limited access to our building. However, we expect to still go to the church to print checks, check the mail for bills and pledge payments, etc.

If anyone has recommendations for such remote access program, or, indeed, any advice for someone in my situation, please speak up. 

Hi Bill,

Probably the easiest solution for you is to use Chrome Remote Desktop.  It's simple, it works, and it's free.  You only need to make sure that the Google Chrome browser is installed on each computer.

To learn more, just click here:  https://remotedesktop.google.com/?pli=1

Good Luck!

I have had success using Teamviewer, which is free for individual, non-profit use.

I see TeamViewer listed in the catalog here. However, it says “Product is out of stock.”. Is this a temporary or permanent thing? I went to their website and it seems that you can register for non-profit discounts but it does not say what the pricing is, nor does it indicate that it’s free.

Or should I just use the free Google tool mentioned elsewhere in the thread?

I second teamviewer

Another good option is RemotePC and they currently offer a 50% lifetime discount for nonprofits. Details below:

Hi Bill,

I just wanted to know if you have found a remote desktop solution that met your needs. Would be great if you could let us know. Thanks.

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