Hi I'm Dennis!  I do IT for Carousel Ranch.  I am new to the community and am looking for a cloud backup/restore solution through techsoup.  We currently do an onsite backup with a Synology RAID.  We use a single, dual core server running 2016 Essentials for our domain controller, update server and file server with legacy from SBS 2008.  We have about 9 Terabytes of data including the system for the server and host between 20 and 25 users.

Hi Dennis! Thanks for posting. I'm Steven - the Community Manager here in the forums. I'm not familiar with this topic but will do my best to get you an answer shortly. Will follow up. In the meantime, feel free to browse around and see if any threads could use your IT expertise. :) 

Hi Dennis, and welcome to TechSoup. 

The only TechSoup offer I'm aware of is for a discount on AWS services, which I assume could be used with AWS Backup. However, the product listing says that the AWS offer is sold out. I'm going to move this thread to the Program Help forum so that staff can respond re: availability.