We are live streaming our church worship services using Vimeo but we have members who do not have a computer and do now wish to have one who cannot watch the services.  We were live streaming with Zoom  which allows those without computers to call in to listen to the services.  Vimeo does not have that capability alone.  We have heard there is a way to use Zoom with Vimeo to allow people to call in but we have not figured that out yet.  Actually, we are using Vimeo for the video and audio live streaming which is top notch and we have someone separately live streaming Zoom just so people can call in to listen.  The Zoom live streaming depends on our wifi which is is spotty at times while our Vimeo live streaming is hard wired and does not depend on our wifi.  It would be great if there was some way to have call in access just using our Vimeo hard wired live streaming and not have to use our wifi at all.  Any suggestions with Office 365 or any other way? Thanks, Phil Neely

Hi Phil,

Several things to unpack here, but I suspect the way you're currently doing it (separate live stream with Zoom) is the best way to go given the circumstance.  Not sure Office 365 will have much to offer you here. 

Yes, there are ways to do things "once" and then send that stream to other places (e.g. Twitch streamers use OBS to do cool stuff like this), but I suspect that this is a bit beyond what you're willing to invest time-wise.  


Churches are starting to use this, as well.  This guy installs it and walks you through it, but there are some additional steps that you'd have to do to get it customized for your environment.


As for the Zoom WiFi problems, these can likely be fixed if you move to a laptop with a wired connection. The built in cameras are often not as good as smart phones, so you might consider an external one. Feel free to drop me an email or phone call if you have any other questions. rrustad@itdrc.org 408 217 1505