What are the TechSoup forums?

The TechSoup Community Forums are a community where you can get expert and peer answers to your tech questions. You can discuss issues relevant to the social benefit tech sector, offer advice to others, and comment on matters related to TechSoup’s programs. We want our community to be a dynamic, collaborative, neutral space. We want nonprofits, NGOs, libraries, and other mission-based organizations to be able to ask for advice regarding a range of technology issues. And we invite a diversity of views about these issues.

Are the forums only for nonprofits?

Our forums are open to all who use tech for the greater good. This includes nonprofits, libraries, social enterprises, collectives, consultants, and other organizations focused on their mission instead of on profits.

Great! I’m a consultant. That means I can advertise my services in the forums!

Spamming is strictly forbidden. You may certainly mention your services in response to an appropriate and germane question, but you do need to respond with helpful information.

How do I sign up?

If you are already a TechSoup member, your login information is the same. If not, you must become a member. In either case, please create a profile so our community can get to know you, including a description of your background and a photo.

I’m brand new to the forums. Where do I start?

The Introduce Yourself category is a great place to start. Let us know who you are, what you do, and what you’re interested in. A friendly host will welcome you and help get you started. If you have any issues, you can email Steven, the Community Manager, at sdavidson@techsoup.org.

How do I know when someone has responded to my post?

By default, you will be subscribed to receive email notifications from topics you post in. To opt out of notifications, uncheck Email Me Replies to This Post.

Who are the moderators?

Susan Tenby - Director of Community

Steven Davidson — Community Manager

Jayne Cravens — Host /Assistant Community Manager

Yann Toledano — Moderator

Matthew Saunders — Moderator

Peter Cheer — Moderator

Jon Biedermann — Moderator