Brave has just launched the beta version of its search engine. The company stresses that Brave Search is independent, transparent, and built entirely from scratch. Unlike Google, Brave Search is a privacy-focused non-tracking search engine.

From the company’s website:

What does independence mean to Brave?

Information is power, and Google has a near-monopoly on it. The information billions of people look up is being served by a non-elected, profit-seeking monopoly. In many ways, they decide what is true.

We need independent search engines, which have their own way of surfacing information and searching the web. Most supposedly “neutral” or “private” engines in fact could not offer search results without Google or Bing. Immediately. Not so with Brave. We need real competition and choice—we need more independent search engines. This is Brave Search:

  • Independent. Brave Search uses its own, built-from-scratch index. Prior to Brave Search, producing quality results could be achieved only by big tech companies, which took many years and tens of billions of dollars to continually crawl the entire web.
  • Transparent. Brave Search uses anonymous community contributions to refine, and community-created alternative ranking models to ensure diversity, and combat bias and implicit echo chambers.
  • User-first. Brave Search delivers quality, transparency, and a commitment to breaking the hold a handful of tech giants have over the way we discover, share, and publish information online.

Fully private. No profiles.

Brave Search doesn’t track you or your queries. Ever. It’s impossible for us to share, sell, or lose your data, because we don’t collect it in the first place. We leverage your browser to store information on how our search engine is helping answer your queries independently.

Brave Search is not the only one of its kind. DuckDuckGo is another example of a privacy-focused search engine.

I have DuckDuckGo set as my default search engine, and use it regularly - but sometimes, when I’m not satisfied with the results, I do have to use Google to find what I’m looking for…