Hey everyone,

I was wondering if all businesses had the resources and power to build their software solutions, it will be so cool. Even though many businesses do not have that privilege, we have the power and flexibility to find one.

We needed a contract management software that will help us create and access contracts easily. I researched for many weeks as I know that the right pick will give us a lot of advantages. Contracting software that is powered by Microsoft 365 and SharePoint seems to be more beneficial at this point.

I ignored the popular ones and tried not-so-popular but feasible solutions like Dock 365’s Contract Management System. The benefit I see is, they provide us with enough capabilities and features, without many bells and whistles. This is Ok because at the end of the day what we need is a practical, feasible, and scalable solution that does the purpose.

Can you guys recommend more such solutions? We could even do a comprehensive comparison and make a list of solutions that works.

Thank you. Hope to have a good discussion here!

Could you say more about your nonprofit? What’s its mission and whom does it serve? A web site to your nonprofit would be great too.