Amy West the grants manager at Tutator Forward has let me know that their grant application deadline has been extended, Tutator Forward are a Swiss non-profit organization part of Tutator Group, a set of social enterprises and foundations around the world, formed by engineers with roots in Silicon Valley, software developers and human rights experts, with an extensive international experience in the technology industry and the social sector.

It is not long to knock up a decent project proposal from scratch but worth a look if you already have something on the shelf or for future reference,


Due to the request from several organizations to have more time to submit their projects, we will extend the deadline for submission of proposals to the Tutator Forward grant until July 19.

Tutator Forward is our innovative grant program for NGOs and social enterprises looking to leverage digital technology to boost their impact.

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An update from Amy at Tutator



We have received many emails from organizations interested in obtaining a Tutator Forward grant, with questions or asking for more information about the program or the application platform.

That's why we will be hosting a webinar to talk about our grant, our technology, examples of our work and clarify doubts to help organizations prepare their grant applications and increase their chances of winning a grant.

In this webinar, you will find all the information about:  What is the Tutator Forward grant? How to submit an application? What is the selection process? And any questions you may have will be addressed so that you can send us your proposals before July 19.

Don't miss our webinar and get the technology grant you have always dreamed of!

Please register at this link: 

Date: June 17th, 2021

Time:  California: 8:00 
New York: 11:00
UK: 16:00
Ghana: 15:00
Kenya: 18:00

Duration: 45 minutes.

Best regards,

Amy West
Grants Manager