Can anyone guide me on the main differences between Bitddefender’s Internet Security vs GravityZone? (vs maybe NortonSMB)


Hi @stevempcs - I’m not super familiar with these products, but you can see the specific features of each one on our Bitdefender page:

You’ll see both products along with the features included. I hope this helps. You can also browse through all of our security products here:

Thats the problem, their site only compares against the other levels of the same product. Does anyone know if GravityZone has a password manager?

On the question regarding the differences between Bitdefender Internet Security vs Bitdefender GravityZone:

Internet Security essentially belongs to the consumer product category. The 5 device-package can however be a good fit for small organizations which do not use servers (Small Office/Home Office-type of environments). The online admin account that is created on Bitdefender Central allows for centralized subscription management and security monitoring of all the devices that are covered by the subscription. Please note: Internet Security works for Windows computers only (PCs, laptops).

(For Mac devices, TechSoup offers Bitdefender Antivirus for MAC (1 or 3 device package), while for mobile Android devices there is Mobile Security for Android.)


GravityZone is Bitdefender’s range of solutions for enterprises. The particular version that is offered via the TechSoup program is GravityZone Business Security - which is the GravityZone entry-level solution and is suitable for small and medium organizations. It can protect servers (1/3 of the total number of devices covered by a subscription can be servers), but it can also be used in serverless environments. It works for Windows, MacOS and Linux devices (please note the GZ Business Security does not work for mobile devices). It comes with a single management console that is created on GravityZone Control Center which allows for centralized subscription management, granular policies, remote installation, monitoring and control over individual endpoint security status, as well as with an executive dashboard that offers an overall view and insights into the organization’s cybersecurity posture / vulnerabilities, risk analysis based on incident history etc

On the question regarding Password Manager:

As far as I am aware, GravityZone does not include a Password Manager feature. The solution makes up for it by the combination of endpoint protection technologies that it employs.


The Internet Security product includes a Password Manager feature (sometimes referred to as Bitdefender Wallet)