Hi friends, Eli from Vancouver, Canada here.
I discovered TechSoup fifteen years ago when I first attended the Web of Change conference. I was flabbergasted that I hadn’t discovered TechSoup in my previous eight years as a nonprofit volunteer manager.

Curious to learn more I started attending TechSoup’s local NetSquared meetups (now called TechSoup Connect) and within six months I have one of the volunteer hosts scheduling monthly nonprofit tech networking events.

I was so grateful to discover TechSoup because as a technology-curious nonprofit staffer I felt like I didn’t have any peers, so to learn that there was a global network of #NPtech activists was very exciting… and it remains exciting to me still. :wink:

As I got more involved with the NetSquared meetups I started building a relationship with TechSoup staff and eventually was invited to apply for a community manager role to support my fellow NetSquared event hosts. Eight years on I’m still the luckiest person at TechSoup since I get to spend me days talking with the most engaged and passionate #Tech4Good activists in the world. Every day they inspire me.

How did you first discover TechSoup?


I got involved with Techsoup nearly 20 years ago. I was part of the inaugural group who started Nonprofits in Second Life. This last year I reenaged in my second stint as a moderator on the Forums.


I got involved with TechSoup before it was TechSoup! I worked for a nonprofit in San José, Calfornia back in the early 1990s and we got services through what was then CompuMentor, which matched tech volunteers to nonprofits that needed them. We got a volunteer to come network all of our computers together - we didn’t have Internet access, didn’t know what it was, in fact, but were thrilled to have all our computers and printers networked together!

Then, in 2001, TechSoup launched, and Susan Tenby reached out to me to be involved, per my prolific online activities (I was moderator of the USENET newsgroup soc.org.nonprofit, on several YahooGroups, directing the online volunteering activities at the UN, etc.). I’ve been a volunteer contributor or a contract moderator ever since! I’ve also been to a couple of NetSquared events and I’m looking forward to being able to attend TechSoup connect events!

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When I first came across TechSoup, I discovered that many nonprofits were struggling and in need of help and advice with their own websites. I had been working as a webmaster for a nonprofit in Montreal. So I started to support these TechSoup users by answering their questions on the forums to the best of my ability. I became a moderator here shortly thereafter. That was almost 20 years ago. Digital marketing was still very much in its infancy at that time!