Are there any suggestions for free or low-cost options for learning management systems (LMS)? We deliver trainings to early childhood professionals and are looking for solutions to take our correspondence courses online. We had previously used Litmos for another purpose because they offered a discount through TechSoup but have found even with the discount their costs have increased substantially. I know CourseSites used to be an option but it looks like it's being phased out. We do not use G-Suite; would Google Classroom still be an option? Does it require users (those who would take our courses) to have Gmail? Any other LMS solutions to check out?

 most of my LMS experience is also in Litmos, but I might look into Moodle

It sounds as though you are looking for a hosted LMS, is that right?

Moodle has already been suggested, it is powerful and flexible, certainly worth considering, If you do look at it be aware that much of the daunting initial complexity in Moodle is because of the many features which exist to meet the needs of users in formal / school education, features you might not need to use anyway.

Slightly off your question about hosting, for course design and pedagogy you might benefit from looking at How to make an open online course which is online,  free and I can say (having taken this course) very good.

We’re a small nonprofit looking for something similar - a light, low-cost LMS. Does Google Classroom offer the ability to track students’ progress?

I’m looking into Moodle now.

Does anyone have experience with GoSkills? GoSkills LMS | Best Free Learning Management System

Found it in this article: 4 Best Free and Open Source LMS Tools


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I am also interested in this issue and I have a couple of questions about Litmos and WorkTime.
Could someone tell me a little more about their use, so to speak, firsthand?
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Or if it would be convenient for you, leave at least a short review right here so that other interested people can see it too

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My use of Litmos was as an client-facing training system for users of our software. We did not use it for internal training… just external.

We had it integrated with Salesforce so that new clients and users could be provisioned from within Salesforce.

We also had Litmos set up with auto-login from our software product… so our end-users never actually went to Litmos to log in. Instead, the clicked on a button in our web-app that automatically logged them into Litmos using a token as described here.


Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: