Hi, The link you mentioned lands to a page that doesn’t exist.

This thread is from seven years ago, so that’s not surprising.

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Indeed! You have replied to a very old link. So I’ve made this all a new thread and we’re starting anew for you.

Are you looking for a free site for your web site? Wordpress is my personal favorite, because it can be made fully accessible (for people with sight impairments, people with mobility issues, etc.). I’m not at all fond of Wix, Weebly, etc., for that reason.

Hi Jaideep,

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Can you tell us more about your web hosting needs?

Hi Yann. Thanks for asking. I just wanted to know does TechSoup have any web hosting partner for getting hosting free or at a very minimal cost to Nonprofits /NGOs? For own domains?

There are many low cost and even free web hosting options available for nonprofits.

Currently, there is the Wix Unlimited Premium hosting plan available through TechSoup at a discounted rate for nonprofits.

Another option worth checking out is Dreamhost’s free nonprofit hosting plan. You can also use your own domain on this free plan.

There’s a few more free version of web hosting softwares that are available

  • Drupal and Wordpress both provide free offerings

if you need a simple web page to host content and articles, these would also be worth checking out-

I know these. Actually, I am talking about hosting of own domain.

I am talking about hosting of own domain.

I use HostGator, and have for years. I highly recommend them. I’m a one-person operation, focused on helping nonprofits, and I just don’t have a big budget for ANYTHING, including a web site. I pay for more than their basic $3 a month hosting, because i need a bit more than that package provides. I have my own URL. I am not very tech-savvy at all, and if I can’t figure out my web site control panel or find what I’m looking for, I contact the HostGator live chat, and they are amazing (though I sometimes have to say what my issue is two or three times).

I really don’t like free web site hosts - they aren’t very flexible, you get what you pay for, and free web sites can just suddenly go away - and then what do you do? And sites like Wix don’t have a good record regarding accessibility.

I have been using Dreamhost for over a year now and that has been a wonderful experience. I do try to purchase my domain names through them so I can at least give them a little support in return for free hosting.

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I don’t think you really want a free web hosting company. If it is free, you are the product. Dreamhost has GREAT non-profit discounts though. You also might like to check out this list:

Want to jump directly to the answer? The answer is Wix best free web host option. Let’s discuss some more free web host options.

  1. Wix
  2. Atspace
  3. Byethost
  4. Awardspace

Hope This Helps!

My policy is to tread cautiously when considering free web hosting options. There are a few good ones, but many free web hosts have questionable track records or come with major limitations.

Aside from Wix, I never heard of these other hosts. What makes these free web hosts worth considering? What are their limitations? What kind of sites do they host on their servers? How reliable is their hosting service? Is customer support provided to free users or only to paying customers?

These are some of the questions I’d want answered before considering any free web host.