I’m not sure why these disappeared, but I hope the donated RDS CALs make a comeback. The “discounted” offering is still costly enough to be a barrier for non-profits that have had a very rough year.

THanks for posting. Could you say more about what your nonprofit does and how RDS CALs helps in that work?

Hello, Jayne. We serve several non-profits, but the immediate use case is for a facility that teaches horseback riding to special needs children. Most of the staff is set up to work remotely over a VPN, but of course there are always a few things that won’t work that way (such as QuickBooks), so there is a terminal server set up for those users. The current terminal server is 2008, which is now out of support, so I’ve been looking to get them updated.

Thank you SO much for responding. It’s really helpful to be able to say that a nonprofit “that teaches horseback riding to special needs children” or some such when TechSoup approaches tech companies about products. And it also helps TechSoup show the kind of work nonprofits do and why they need tech tools!

Would LOVE if you would fill out your TechSoup profile!

Thank you for the quick response. I have updated our profile.

I love your profile! So interesting! I would love to know how you connected with such a diversity of nonprofits?
(seriously, I really would love to know)

Most of it is from referrals. We do all we can to get them the tools they need while still being cost-conscious, (Tech Soup is a big help there!) and I think those efforts are appreciated.

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