Anyone using OnBoard for board management? We are looking to compare it to Board PAC, G-Suite and MS Teams as a use for small to medium sized nonprofits.

I've posted this on the TechSoup subreddit and the Nonprofit Tech subreddit, hoping to get you some replies! 

What kind of information do you need to track about your board members?

We are looking for online board management platforms that will house all information needed for meetings, voting, discussion, calendars, and historical data. Instead of receiving monthly emails with 12 items attached for review, how can we house everything in an online portal specific to boards. Our local nonprofits use Microsoft Teams, G-Suite or portals on their websites for this now, none of which are built specifically for boards.

Thanks for the excellent question - sorry to see that no one has been able to provide the real world comparisons you were asking for here.  I was the person who managed the creation of the OnBoard program here at TechSoup, and even though I'm not a real world user, I can share that we found their desire to give back to the sector a key factor in why the Offer Review Board accepted them as a partner on TechSoup.

Hope this helps a bit,