A new TechSoup forum interface! Ta Da!

As we all get to know this new system, it would be great if each of you could update your biography! Just go to your user profile photo in the upper right-hand corner and click on that. Then click on the V image and this will take you to your preferences page. Update your bio! Include your nonprofit affiliations, as an employee, consultant for volunteer, by nonprofit name or just general interest area, note where you are in the world (city and country), and any tech expertise you have - are you a savant at SalesForce? A wizard with web site design? A star at security online? A diva of digital engagement? An ace at accessibility online?

Have a look at the other preferences in this section as well - it’s a great way to play with the new system and learn all the things it can do!

(spoiler alert: we’re all learning too!)