Hello! [Jayne Cravens](http://www.coyotebroad.com), and I have been associated with TechSoup since the 1990s, when it was called CompuMentor: first I was at a nonprofit that was a client, then as the volunteer moderator of the Volunteers & Technology branch of the TechSoup community forum (long gone - it's such a cross-cutting issue), and frequent volunteer participant in various TechSoup and NetSquared online activities and events. In 2011, I filled in temporarily as TechSoup community forum manager - and my temp job lasted 3 years. At the end of April 2014, I went back to being just an ordinary (not so ordinary?) volunteer, as a forum contributor. And in the summer of 2020, I came back as a paid consultant to help revitalize the forums and to help strategize for its future. More information about me and what I do professionally is available at **[my web site](http://www.coyotebroad.com)**.

My book The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook is available as an e-book or a traditional paperback. 

Software I can advise on (but only from a user's perspective): LibreOffice, FOSS (especially for Apple Macintosh), Volunteer Management Software (I won't recommend packages, but I will say what it should do), Google Docs, Google Calendar, and WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, (especially social media for program delivery and awareness building).

Follow me on Twitter at @jcravens42 - I tweet about nonprofits / NGOs, volunteers / volunteering, humanitarian / development / aid, communications, tech4good, women & girls, travel 4good / tourism 4dev

I am also on Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/user/jcravens42/